HFH – Hijab For Her – Made for Her, by her

HFH presents its designer stylish creations for any occasion.

Our dresses, coats, scarves and hijabs are inspired by the most beautiful Islamic models born in the pure Muslim tradition. They preserve women modesty proposing them gorgeous dresses and wonderful gold plated jewels. Each model is made to be unique even through a ready-to-wear line with attractive prices.

     Enjoy our Islamic women clothing online shop and buy real beyond reproach hijabs with inimitable way and perfect look. Compare our models and take pleasure in visiting our pages.

About the designer 

     When she commenced studies for a B.eng. in biology, which were confirmed by a diploma in 2004, Rym Sara Bouanani did not think that her passion for oriental design will led her to create her own hijab brand in 2014, HFH, after spending over ten years in the fashion and silk painting world. 

    Today, real Canadian business woman with a keen interest in E-commerce, she wants to share her passion with Islamic women proposing them modern hijabs models by HFH. Meanwhile, she became the mom of three little lovely girls.





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